Plum Island Beach House Rental
      at Newburyport, Massachusetts
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Plum Island Beach House Guest Comments...
"I have been at Plum Island for a few days now with Zena, Emma and Lilli...three twelve and three quarterish aged girls born within two weeks of each other. The day started out a little cloudy so we headed into town. I went to the library while they explored the local shops. We made a quick stop at a pizza place and then with the skies just beginning to clear despite an uncertain forecast, we were off to the beach. We went to the beach at the far end of the island, part of the nature preserve. Suddenly, the day, like the unwrapping of a present, transformed from grey to bright yellow before us. The intense heat of the two prior days had broken a little and there was a light breeze. There were only a dozen or so other people around so we were privy to the large empty expanses of pristine sand meeting glasslike ocean waters.

For the next six hours the girls basked in serenity. Similar to the preceding two days, giggles, smiles and songs were ever present and there was much sharing and caring between them. Over and over they dove side-by-side like dolphins simultaneously into the oncoming small waves. They played a game where they stood with their backs to the waves screaming with the thrill of the unexpected splash of the next oncoming wave. They challenged the waters with the pronounced gyrations of their hips.

When not playing in the water, they climbed amongst the rocks making their way slowly as they searched patiently for shells. The tide was low making for wonderful tidepools. I had never seen such a bounty of perfectly intact shells and sand dollars before. Lilli found two very unusual delicate and perfect thin maroon shells with purple interiors. Emma found a live starfish. The gathered treasures gradually covered our blanket.

We could not bring ourselves to leave this idyllic spot but eventually we were low on food and water and the day was waning so home we went. Even then their enthusiasm was not to be diminished. They hopped on bikes and made an excursion to the islandís little store. There they purchased some aloe gel to cool their sun-baked skin. Then, when they returned back to the house, the ice cream truck was there. The perfect dessert for the perfect day. It doesnít get any better than that."



Just wanted to tell you what a fantastic home you have on Plum Island. The house is updated, well-kept and with a fabulous view itís well worth the money! We enjoyed the lovely environment, the in-house toys and the large porch for a get-together. How pleasant it was to wake up and see the ocean each day from the house itself and to be surrounded by fireworks each night the week of the fourth. Thank you! Rebecca